Redmi Buds 3 Launched for Yuan 159

Redmi Buds 3

Xiaomi keeps launching products and adding more and more items to its catalogue. Mukul Sharma, a tipster, just revealed the product page of Redmi Buds 3. Xiaomi recently launched quite a few IoT products among which the most talked-about product is the Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi says that the Redmi Buds 3 are lightweight and comfortable. They have a design similar to that of the original Apple Airpods. Being semi-in-ear earphones, the fit of these is going to be personal preference. They will be most suitable for people who are used to earphones without silicone tips.

Credits: Mukul Sharma

The earbuds sport 12mm dynamic coil drivers. They are said to provide high-definition sound quality and detail restoration. Each earbud weighs in at 4.5g making them very light and if the fit is right you might not even notice you are wearing them.

Redmi Buds 3 are powered by Qualcomm 3040 chip aptX which is an entry-level chip by Qualcomm that’s optimized for use in earbuds. Being an aptX codec, these earphones will perform better on Android devices. The dual-microphone setup will help in noise reduction but there is no active noise cancellation.

Credits: Mukul Sharma

Xiaomi claims the total battery life to be 20 hours with the included case. Independently, the Redmi Buds 3 have a playback time of 5 hours on a single charge. From today the crowdfunding begins and they will be priced at Yuan 159 up to September 15th after which the Redmi Buds 3 will be priced for Yuan 199.

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There are rumours of the Poco Pop Buds launching for the past few months and Poco might launch the Redmi Buds 3 under their branding.

Poco Buds

The TWS market is the most booming market in the industry right now and all the brands are launching their TWS products and it’s time POCO enters the competition. When competition among brands increases it is better for us as consumers as brands try to offer their products with better features at lower prices.

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