Realme X7 Pro vs OnePlus Nord: in-depth comparison

Oneplus Nord VS Realme X7 Pro
Oneplus Nord VS Realme X7 Pro

Both are priced in the Indian market part of the Rs25,000–30,000 “premium mid-segment” and one at the top and the other at options from low to high. One tries with a new chip to take on the budget flagship, the other might say the “premium mid-segment” had been established. Yeah, they’re much more like crumb and cheese. And if you have a budget of about Rs 30,000 – the latest launch of Realme X7 Pro or the somewhat older yet insanely successful, OnePlus Nord – what you’d like to go after? Let me try and work it out.

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The OnePlus Nord has a distinct advantage over the Realme X7 Pro in terms of appearance and design . Not that the X7 Pro does not look fine. Far from that.  It’s a pretty clever unit, but the Nord is a little more stylish. Offer the North edge with its distinctive shades with the bright Blue Marble and the quietly elegant Grey Ash, the Fantasy and Mystic Black of the X7 Pro really stand out. The Nord is also slightly more compact than the X7 Pro, but the weight is similar. I send the Nord this one. In the architecture department, it is even more classy.

Winner – OnePlus Nord


With the X7 Pro, the power seems to be here. The Realme system is fitted with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 6.55″ fully HD+ Super-AMOLED display, whilst the OnePlus Nord offers a 90Hz refresh rate full 6.44″ HD+ fluid display. It is true that the disparity between them is not as simple – even the 0.11 inches difference in size is not quite noticeable and truthful, and even when scrolling, even the refresh rate difference does not leap out exactly. What you prefer depends on your taste – while it was closer to reality, I thought the show at Nord is a little less color-punchy. All done, I want to vote for the X7 Pro in this show, because of the technological superiority of refresh rate and also because of its more enjoyable color control. –  I see people on the other way on this

Winner – Realme X7 Pro


The two phones create a fascinating comparison with the processing unit. The OnePlus Nord is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which was just below the level of the Snapdragon 855 range at the time of release. The Realme X7 Pro on the other hand rides in the 1000+ MediaTek Dimensity, which is powerful than the 865 series Snapdragon. The 765G is a great processor in itself, but one that is the champion – across Realme – has no doubt.

Winner – Realme X7 Pro


Both phones come with stationary storage and no slots for memory cards. The Realme X7 Pro offers one version: 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. For most users, it should be enough. The Nord, however, has a lot more variety – 6 GB/64 GB, 8 GB/128 GB, and 12 GB/256 GB (rarely available) varieties. This is far more than the X7 Pro will do. You must go for Nord if you’re RAM and a storage gigabyte counter.

Winner – OnePlus Nord


It looks like a no-contest on paper. After all, the Realme X7 Pro has a 64-megapixel sensor Sony IMX686 as its main camera, and the Nord has the now outdated 48-megapixel sensor Sony IMX 586. Both phones also have ultra-wide 8-megapixel cameras, as well as a lower-megapixel macro and depth sensor (both black and white in the X7 Pro). This seems to make the Realme a walk-up, right? In reality, the Nord gives a good run for its money to the X7 Pro. Regardless of whether it’s daily updates or OIS, the Nord has always been against the X7 Pro and there were moments when we thought it would do better. Whilst the X7 Pro always gave both photos and videos more striking colors, the Nord amazed us with its information handling and low light. It is not to be denied that the X7 Pro was in most cases top-down, but the surprising part was that the Nord was very proficient and not steamrolling.

The camera talk is interesting between those two phones. We had hoped that the X7 Pro would win the war with the rear camera, but it was finished by the Nord. In the selfie camera department, the exact opposite occurs. Some may not like the dual punch hole in the Nord, but in selfies, there are two cameras in the Nord (32 megapixels and an 8 megapixel ultra-wide) in contrast with just one camera with 32 megapixels on the X7 Pro. The scales seem to tend to Nord, but the X7 Pro also beat the Nord with vibrant colors and even better portrait snaps in terms of results. Yes, the large angle of the Nord provides more diversity and it seemed more detailed but surprisingly slender is the difference. I vote for the Nord, but the gap is as tiny as the show, so I expect many to vote the other way around.

Winner – For rear camera – Realme X7 Pro & For Selfie -OnePlus Nord


The Nord is not a pushover in terms of gaming and multimedia. It can cope with most of the stuff you’re going to throw at. It’s not really a high-end game phone, however, and lags get pumped in as frame rates and settings. This isn’t the case for the X7 Pro which reaches an OnePlus 8T standard in gaming almost completely without breaking into sweats. from Call of Duty to Asphalt to Alto’s Odyssey. Gaming and multimedia also come together as the excellent Realme X7 Pro speakers – the Nord single speaker is fine, but the X7 Pro speakers add more complexity and change the experience fully. The X7 Pro wins if you are playing games and multimedia. 

Winner – Realme X7 Pro


Although both are running on Android 10 when writing, when the software is at stake, things are very different on both devices. The OnePlus Nord comes with a very clean Oxygen UI similar to stock Android, while the Robotic X7 Pro has a lot more flexibility and software. It has very low bloatware. Oxygen is relatively uncluttered, but Realme UI comes laden with extra functionality, all of which have their plus points. When you use the camera, the variations between the two UI become more apparent, where the Nord appears a little bare compared to the host of options on the X7 Pro. bWhat software is better? It depends on your own preferences to function best for you. I will, however, vote for the Nord right now, considering OnePlus’ better record for updates.

Winner – OnePlus Nord


The Realme X7 Pro tends to carry both the power and quick charging aces in terms of battery. It has a battery of 4,500mAh and also comes with a quick charger of 65W that can charge the whole phone in a little more than half an hour. On the other hand, the Nord has a 4,115mAh battery and a 30W charger, which takes around an hour to charge the unit. However, the truth was a little different from what the on-paper stats suggested, as in the case of the camera. While both phones lasted on a single charge for about a day, the Nord always gave me a few more hours. The smaller screen and lower refresh rate may have played a role in this, but once again, although the X7 Pro registered a victory, it was by no means the kind of thumping margin indicated by the specs.

Winner – Realme X7 Pro


The Realme X7 Pro has only a single RAM/storage version, 8GB / 128GB, and it is available at Rs 29,999. On the other hand, the OnePlus Nord comes with three versions and three price points: 6GB / 64GB (which is difficult to find, as we mentioned earlier) at Rs 24,999, 8GB / 128GB at Rs 27,999 and 12GB / 256GB at Rs 29,999. The Nord is going to win this one with ease.

Winner – OnePlus Nord


So, at the end of the whole deal, which phone works for you best? wIf you are looking at a modern flagship output in gaming and high-end apps, then the response is a no-brainer-a strong edge is provided by the Realme X7 Pro’s Dimensity 1000+ chip. However,  If all you’re looking for a very nice phone that is able to do most tasks well, the equation shifts. For many users, Nord’s cleaner UI and wider price range and variants make it a really good choice, and I think it also enjoys a design edge. I would suggest the Nord if you are not heading into heavy gaming territory. Yeah, the X7 Pro has better cameras and sound, but the gap is not a deal-breaking one. The Nord is still doing well in both departments, and being available at various price points definitely makes it a great choice for an individual on a tight budget.

 I’ll simplify it:

  • If it matters to high-end gamers and heavy use of the app: Realme X7 Pro
  • If they don’t matter too much  (and your budget is tight): OnePlus Nord

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