Realme Buds Q2 Review: Much WOW!

Realme Buds Q2 Review
Realme buds Q2 review by team OyPrice

Realme recently launched their latest budget series true wireless earbuds known as Realme buds Q2 which costs INR 2499. We planned to test these out especially the ANC ( Active Noise Cancellation ) mode which often in the budget category considered a gimmick because they don’t perform that effectively. But after testing the Realme buds Q2 we can say it performs quite nicely and someone who is looking for an ANC pair to start with and experience can consider buds Q2.

Realme Buds q2 anc
Oyprice Team member testing out the ANC mode

How Does Realme Buds Q2 Sounds?

The buds Q2 not just only isolates background unnecessary noises but also sounds really good at the same time, in detail, it can be explained as the bass is just right according to the music or the sweet spot and the Treble is good too but we did experience some little peak with few selected music but we really enjoyed the buds Q2 even though it supports till AAC codec.

realme buds q2 sound test
Oyprice Team member experiencing the sound quality

Battery life of Realme Buds Q2

Often something with ANC doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours even in a higher price segment, but surprisingly the buds Q2 lasted 4.5 Hours using ANC mode and straight 6 Hours using Normal mode which is awesome.

The case comes with a built-in battery that charges using Type – C and it can fully charge the pair 4 times.

Realme Buds Q2 Design and Build

realme buds q2 battery
Realme buds q2 design

The design of these pair is well thought and everyone from our team appreciated the comfortable fit and it’s a plastic material built but doesn’t cheaps out and does comes with IPX5 water resistance, coming to the case a good plastic material is used and the little matty finish surely gives an edge to its premium feel.

But we did notice after using it for a couple of days that the hinge portion got a little weak and the upper part became a little clumsy.

Realme buds q2 gaming
Realme buds q2 gaming test

Realme Buds Q2 Gaming and Control

It features touch surfaces and works seamlessly, functions like play/pause, next/previous and enabling/disabling ANC mode, Transparency mode, Normal mode all can be configured using Realme’s Link App from Play Store.

Talking about Gaming, we tried the Gaming mode provided in the app which reduces the latency with Bluetooth version 5.2 and the performance was good enough and simply playable but it’s definitely not a pair for PRO gamers.

Also, the mic is just average and it gets the job done but definitely we can’t rely on it every time.

Our Final Opinion on Realme Buds Q2

According to our testing, we found it perfect for someone looking for a good ANC and well-sounding pair, comes with reliable battery life and price to performance ratio is great.

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