Realme buds Air | Best earphones under Rs.5000?

realme buds air

Everything these days is inspired by one thing or the other, be it any song, movies, or in this case earphones. Yes, we are talking about the Realme buds Air which is almost the look-alike of the iconic Apple AirPods but at drastically different prices. Are they really worth it? Let’s find out.

Realme buds Air is Realme’s very first attempt at a pair of truly wireless earphones and let’s say they have done one hell of a job. Design-wise, from the hanging stem structure of the bud to the capsule-like case, it is heavily imitated from the Apple AirPods. With a glossy outer material of the capsule case, they are available in a total of 3 shades – white, black, and yellow. These are built distinctly sturdy so even if you are clumsy, these won’t get damaged that easily.

These pair of earphones are advanced with exceedingly smart features but the one feature that stands out the most is the touch-sensitive controls used for pausing, playing, skipping tracks, receiving/rejecting calls, or activating the Google assistant/Siri which makes them super convenient. It also comes with a low-latency gaming mode which gets activated by long-pressing both sides of the buds so you can experience every thrill of your favorite games without any audio lagging. They are also equipped with a customized R1 chip which makes the connections stronger, more stable, and fast.

Another modish feature is the easy pairing and auto connectivity. As soon as you pop the lid of the earbud case, it’ll automatically connect to your android device, which is not applicable to ios. It’s called the Android fast pair protocol.

wireless charging

It comes with a USB Type-C cable for wired charging but it can also be charged wireless which is surprising at this price point. It might disappoint some for its battery life because this one goes as long as 3 hours at a medium volume which is approx. 17 hours with the box in total.

Overall, With the secure fitting, touch-sensitive controls, quick and stable connectivity, compact design, and medium bass, The Realme buds air is tremendously convenient and works as advertised. At the price of Rs. 3999 they are definitely worth it!

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