Razer’s New 100$ Zephyr RGB Face Mask Is up for Sale

Razer Zephyr

The COVID-19 pandemic is mostly gone, but it still has a lasting impact. It has affected the global chip supply chain, as well all the companies depending on these chips. On the other hand, it has inspired a new lineup of products such as innovative face masks as well as devices with so-called anti-microbial coating.

Razer, the PC accessories maker, didn’t want to be left behind. So back in January 2021 at CES, Razer revealed its new project Hazel, which was essentially a face mask with RGB and was marketed as ‘the world’s smartest mask.’ 

It received extensive attention from the press at that time. However, it was soon forgotten, with some speculating that it was just a concept product, just like Razer’s three-screened laptop, that would never be released.

razer ces 2021 project hazel n3ns 2

Now, Razer has finally made its new face mask available for Sale on its website under an official Zephyr branding. The mask comes in two variants; The most basic variant, priced at USD 99.99, includes the mask, a carrying bag, a USB-C charging cable, and an anti-fog spray, with three sets of replaceable N95 filters that will be good for nine days of use.

While on the other hand, the costlier variant, priced at USD 149.99, includes everything mentioned above, plus 33 sets of filters suitable for 99 days of use. You can also get the N95 filters separately as a pack of 10 priced at USD 29.99, which will get you 30 days of use.

The mask also features magnetically attached caps for its two air valves allowing users to replace the filters simply by opening them.

Magnetic Caps

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Apart from its essential function, the mask features two fans capable of running at speeds of 4200 or 6200rpm, on the inside of it, which can supply more air to your nose, helping you breathe easily, as well as a chroma RGB ring on the outside.

The Zephyr can be configured easily by using its built-in buttons; however, it also comes with support for Bluetooth connectivity allowing users to control its RGB lights via the Zephyr app, which is available for Android and iOS.

While its built-in battery is supposed to last up to eight hours per charge, but only if you aren’t using any RGB lights and have the fans set to their lowest setting.

Overall, it’s an exciting product released by Razer. Its functions are pretty similar to any mask out there, making this face mask nothing but a bold fashion statement that will definitely grab people’s attention.

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