Razer Reveals its New Line-up of PC Components


Razer is an already established brand famous among the gaming community. Razer has been making various PC accessories, including microphones, webcams, keyboards, and mouse. The brand has expanded into the PC component space and has revealed many new products, including all-in-one (AIO) coolers, RGB cooling fans, and power supplies.

Razer’s new “Hanbo” AIO cooler made in collaboration with Asetek, that can be orientated 360 degrees, allowing you to place it in any case configuration, comes in two sizes, with 240mm and 360mm radiators.

razer hanbo chroma silent efficient desktop 1 edited
Razer Hanbo AIO Cooler

As of now, the company hasn’t revealed anything about the pricing of its AIO cooler. However, it is expected to be made available sometime in November.

Apart from the AIO coolers, the brand has also revealed its new “Kunai” cooling fans, which will be available in two sizes- 120mm and 140mm, feature a built-in RGB ring with 18 and 22 individually addressable LEDs, respectively.

Razer Kunai
Razer Kunai Cooling Fans

All these cooling fans can work with Razer’s new Synapse software, allowing the user to configure the fans’ speed curves with fan speeds as high as 2,200rpm on the 120mm and 1,600rpm on the 140mm version.

Along with these cooling fans, Razer has also revealed its new Fan Controller, which can control up to 8 fans while providing integration with Synapse to provide customizable fan curve controls. The new fan controller comes with a magnet at the rear, allowing you to hide it during cable management, as it can stick to any steel at the back of a PC case.

razer pwm fan controller edited
Razer PWM Fan Controller

Razer’s Kunai fans start at $44.99, while the PWM fan controller retails at $49.99. Both are available from 26th October.

Other than Razer’s new “Hanbo” AIO cooler and “Kunai” cooling fans, Razer has also revealed its new “Katana” range of platinum-rated modular power supplies. These power supplies provide an RGB fan with full Razer Chroma compatibility allowing the user to customize the RGB lighting.

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razer katana PSU
Razer Katana Power Supply

The PSUs come in 3 configurations, including 750W, 1200W, and totally overkill 1,600W. Razer also claims that the new PSUs will be using Japanese 105-degree rated capacitors. The new Razer “Katana” power supplies are expected to start shipping sometime in early 2022. However, Razer hasn’t announced pricing for the Katana power supplies yet.

It’s interesting to see Razer entering an already crowded market with well-established players like Corsair, Cooler Master, and NZXT. The company’s Chroma and RGB lighting compatibility looks very appealing, but let’s hope the pricing is appealing, too.

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