Qualcomm’s Latest 898 SoC reported offering 20% better performance

Qualcomm 898

Qualcomm has been making processors for quite a while now. However, the Snapdragon 888, which is their latest flagship offering, has gotten a bad reputation for running extremely hot on phones. This was observed while performing normal tasks without burdening the chip.

Quite a few reviewers suggest a phone with Snapdragon 870 as it performs well and keeps temperatures under control. Now, a renowned insider has reported that the newer chip has better performance but there’s a catch. The chip does not have better heat management.

The new chipset will be based on the 4nm architecture that will offer a 20% performance boost over its predecessor. The current Snapdragon 888’s model name was SM8350 and the next generation is named SM8450 which is expected to be officially named the Snapdragon 898.

Source- GizChina

Early results of the new chipset as seen on the Geekbench portal assure us of the power increase. During the tests, the single-core score is 1250 and the multi-core test score is a whopping 4000. Experts are predicting that the Antutu scores might cross a million.

While offering performance upgrades, Qualcomm should also focus on the cooling aspects of the new chipset. Smartphone manufacturers need to ensure both high performance and better thermals while creating new devices. We hope that the next flagship processor by Qualcomm will feature better thermal stability.

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