PUBG New State Expected to Launch at THIS Date!

PUBG New State Launch Imminent
PUBG New State Launch Imminent

Earlier in February this year, Krafton opened pre-registration for PUBG New State for Android devices. The South Korean Giant received an overwhelming response with over 20 million pre-registrations for the upcoming game. The company has yet to announce a release date for PUBG New State. Meanwhile, a report from Korea has revealed some details about an imminent launch date set for earlier.

The highly anticipated game was previously scheduled to launch later this year, with beta testing beginning in the second quarter of 2021. However, as per a report by the Korean publication ‘Techm.Kr’, the plans seem to have been preponed. PUBG New State is now all set to be launched in September this year.

This comes as very exciting news for PUBG fans across the world who have been awaiting the launch of the battle royale game. There’s also news for iOS users who still haven’t been able to pre-register for the game. A few days ago, Krafton announced the pre-registration deadline for iOS devices, which is said to be August.

Krafton is also rumoured to be contemplating the construction of five international studios and 17 branches around the world. The five studios are expected to be situated in North America, India, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America, as per the Krafton CEO Chang-Han.

PUBG New State: What We Know Yet

PUBG New State Gameplay Graphics
PUBG New State Gameplay Graphics

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According to an old blog post by Krafton, the upcoming PUBG: New State will have a number of new features. The game will be set in the year 2051 and will feature a futuristic battle royale mode. According to the reports, the game will have an in-game customization option that will enable players to customize their weapons by purchasing customization kits. “These kits can improve the performance of weapons in a variety of ways, including fire mode range and grenade launcher attachments,” said the company.

Fighting rolls, helicopters, and a futuristic ballistic shield, among other things, will all be included in PUBG Corps. New cars will also be added to the title, allowing players to have more fun with it. According to a recent development, PUBG New State will feature a variety of video communication options, high-end graphics, an optimization engine, and high-quality open world maps.

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