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PUBG Mobile OTS Mode: What Is It and How to Enable It

The new option for improving players' accuracy.

The inclusion of OTS (over the shoulder) mode is one of the most interesting features of the latest PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 update. Its inclusion wasn’t advertised as a significant feature of the patch during the various April beta checks, so it went unnoticed until the day of publication. What it is and how it performs aren’t entirely apparent now that it has arrived without fanfare. Here’s a rundown on what OTS mode is, how to enable it, why you may want to use it, and some of the more popular problems that have surfaced since the implementation.

What is OTS Mode in PUBG Mobile?

Over the shoulder is abbreviated to OTS. It’s a new gameplay choice in which the camera is positioned directly behind your character, giving you an “over the shoulder” view of the action. Hence the moniker. It’s a view mode that older players will recognize from games like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, while Battle Royale veterans will recognize it as identical to the Fortnite format. It just adds an extra button to the console which hovers the camera from the first point of view or third point of view to Over shoulder point of view (OTS).

PUBG Mobile OTS Mode: What Is It and How to Enable It
OTS point of view (In-game)

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However, unlike Fortnite, PUBG Mobile’s OTS mode does not allow you to punch in closer to your target down sights. Instead of committing to the closer field of view of aiming down your gun’s sights, you pinch into this mode from the standard TPP view, increasing your hip fire aim without committing to the tighter field of view of aiming down your gun’s sights.

How to Enable OTS Mode

To enable OTS mode in PUBG Mobile, you need to hit the Settings icon (mid-match or in the lobby). From there, tap into the Basic tab, then scroll down where it says Aim Features and turn it on. Despite it not mentioning OTS mode by name, without this enabled, you won’t see the button in-game.

PUBG Mobile OTS Mode: What Is It and How to Enable It
Enabeling OTS mode in Settings

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The update 1.4.0 f PUBG-M (Global version) will also include so many other utility updates like-new vehicles, Godzilla Mode and so many other things. The OTS mode is only introduced in the global variant, it might be preloaded in the BGMI. It might change the whole scenario of the competitive matches. OTS is subjective and objective to the player’s personal preference. If a player who has good reflexes might not need to enable the OTS mode.

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