Best New PC Build under Rs 35,000: Play Competetive titles at 60 FPS


It’s 2021 and building a PC under a budget of Rs 35,000 is challenging. There has been a huge strain in the supply chain of computer components because of the pandemic. One report from Tech4Gamers also claims that the increase in price is due to the shortage of copper that saw an increase of price from USD 5,000 per ton to USD 7,300 per ton alone. Since copper is one of the most integral raw materials that’s used in many PC components, the shortage has led to the increase in price.

Fortunately, we still managed to create a great PC build under Rs 35,000 which will help you get your work done. You can either order the parts yourselves and build your PC, or you can even go to your local computer store to get it built. Let us now take a look at all the parts you need to build your computer.

Intel i3 10100 Processor

Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake Core i3-10100 Processor 6M Cache, up to 4.30 GHz

The most important thing on a PC build is the processor. For this build, we have selected Intel’s i3-10100 10th Gen processor. The processor is clocked at a 3.6GHz base frequency with a boost clock speed of 4.2GHz. It comes with 4 cores and 8 threads and 6MB of cache. It also comes with integrated UHD 620 graphics that eliminates the need to get a separate graphics card.

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Gigabyte H410M-H V2 Motherboard

h410m h v2 image main

A motherboard houses most of the internal components of a PC. The H410M-H motherboard is capable enough of handling the processor mentioned and comes with dual-channel ram slots that help in boosting performance. It supports RAM clocked up to 2933MHz which can be one downside. But since Intel’s budget processors can’t really benefit even with RAM clocked at higher speeds, this motherboard is good for our build. It has got a decent amount of ports in its I/O.

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HyperX Fury 8GB RAM

61d43MW5g6L. SL1428

HyperX Fury RAM is clocked at 3200MHz and is DDR4. While you won’t be able to attain the 3200MHz speed due to motherboard limitations, it wouldn’t be a very significant difference. Dual-channel memory will add a good boost to your PC’s speed. 8GB RAM might be okay for you to get started but maybe after a few months, you might need to add another 8GB to make sure none of your apps get hindered by less memory.

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A-DATA Ultimate 480 GB SSD

71OViWdmLqS. SL1500

SSD’s have a higher read and write speed as compared to HDDs. This is a SATA-based SSD and won’t be as speedy as compared to NVME SSDs but this would be more than sufficient for your needs. SSDs not only make the boot time of the PC faster but applications loaded on them tend to run smoother and quicker too. 480GB of storage would be sufficient for starting out while you can always add more storage as you need, later.

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Antec Atom V550 550Watts

51v7TyJYjqL. SL1000

A power supply of 550W might certainly seem overkill for this budget. However, we have chosen the parts in this build so that you can easily upgrade them later. If you decide to add a dedicated GPU like the Nvidia 1050 Ti, you wouldn’t have to replace the power supply. The only downside to this PSU is that it isn’t fully modular and will have cables permanently attached to it.

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Zebronics Zeb-Cronus Computer Case

71va1gKN5YL. SL1500

This case from Zebronics comes with 4x120mm rainbow LED ring fans in the front and rear. The RGB cannot be controlled but this cabinet comes with tempered glass both to the front and the side and it looks really good while also maintaining good airflow. It has some additional USB ports as well. The case is a great one for our build and fits right with the budget as well.

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This was our build for a budget of Rs 35,000 which honestly needs some upgrades in the future, but should help you get started for now. With this build, you can get around 60-80 FPS on titles like Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. For casual tasks like using Microsoft Office, attending Zoom calls, and watching Netflix, you will not face any hiccups.

Let us know if you think this PC can meet your requirements or if you have any better builds in mind in this price range.

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