OxygenOS 13 Confirmed: OnePlus Might Not Kill its Beloved Operating System After All

OxygenOS 13

OnePlus has been long rumored to ditch OxgenOS in favour of an UnifiedOS which combines OnePlus’s OxygenOS and OPPO’s ColorOS into one. However, In an rather unexpected turn of events, OnePlus is not ready to give up on its Beloved Operating System yet and has officially revealed OxygenOS 13.

According to the Open Ears Forum which was first discovered by XDA OnePlus could actually be looking forward to hear what people have to say about the new software in order to get a better idea of how to approach the update that follows OxygenOS 12, whether that’s a continuation of its current platform or the new unified OS. The forum is open about it and invites you to “co-create a perfect OxygenOS.”

OxygenOS 14 OEF

Just so you know, just after the OnePlus and OPPO merger was announced the newly launched OnePlus Nord 2 shipped with a flavor of OxygenOS 11 that borrowed core elements of ColorOS, while Android 12 based OxygenOS was to extendind that to older devices.

Meanwhile, this year’s OnePlus 10 Pro was supposed to launch with the new UnifiedOS, which was rumored to be called H₂OOS, but it’s still running ColorOS 12.1 in China while all signs are pointing to it launching with OxygenOS 12 globally.

OxygenOS 14 OEF2

This could mean two things, firstly OxygenOS 13 could very well be the last iteration of the beloved operating system that will be rolled out to fix the OxygenOS 12 fiasco that introduced multiple bugs to otherwise stable devices.

Secondly, although highly unlikely, there migh be a slight hope that OnePlus has ditched the UnifiedOS plan all together after backlash from fans who were unhappy with the introduction of the new OS.

Whatever it is we might not know the whole reason behind the sudden change untill we get our hands on the OxygenOS 13 beta.

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  1. It’s just to cover up the mess that oneplus made with merging ColorOs with OOS. Almost no one likes ColorOs in OnePlus device. Rather we could buy a 10k OPPO phone!
    Now clearly they working to save their brand and reputation which is lost due to hopeless decisions.
    Moreover, I am worried that I have to this ColorOs shit till next year 😭😭😭😭

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