OVHcloud founder took over Cloud gaming service Shadow


Following a commercial court order, Blade, the French startup behind cloud gaming service Shadow, was acquired by Octave Klaba’s fund. Klaba is best known for founding OVHcloud, a cloud hosting company based in France. Blade (and Shadow) will be purchased through his investment firm, Jezby Ventures, rather than OVHcloud.

Shadow is a gaming-focused cloud computing service. A monthly subscription fee can be paid to gain access to a gaming PC in a data centre. This PC can be accessed via a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or a smart TV. Your actions are relayed to the server via a video stream of what’s happening on the screen.

You can instal whatever you want on your server, unlike Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, or even Nvidia GeForce Now. You get a full version of Windows 10, which means it can run everything from Steam to Photoshop and Excel.

Despite raising more than $100 million in multiple funding rounds, the French startup was unable to keep up with pre-orders, generate enough revenue to be self-sustaining, or find funds to expand its service. Despite attracting 100,000 paid users, Next INpact reported that it had no choice but to file for commercial court administration.

Several companies and groups of people put in bids to take over the company. Blade CTO Jean-Baptiste Kempf, in particular, collaborated with other employees, while Octave Klaba made his own offer. Except for Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Klaba intends to keep all of his employees.

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