Oppo’s ColorOS Ray Tracing 3D Wallpapers Unveiled at GDC 2022

Oppo has become the world’s fist brand to unveil Ray Tracing 3D Wallpaper for smartphones.
Oppo ColorOS Ray Tracing 3D Wallpapers

Oppo has been constantly working on futuristic products. Last year, the Chinese brand showcased the Oppo X 2021 rollable concept smartphone, which can extend its display with a simple touch. Although the device never came into the market, it shows the company’s futuristic vision. In February, Oppo demoed the world’s first 240W insane fast charging technology at MWC 2022. Now, Oppo has unveiled the world’s first Ray Tracing 3D Wallpaper for smartphones at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2022.

The first ray-tracing application from Oppo is called ‘ColorOS Ray Tracing 3D Wallpaper’. At the GDC 2022 event, Oppo presented its real-time ray tracing wallpapers on Oppo Find X5 Pro (Dimensity version), which is currently limited to China.

What is Ray Tracing

In case you are wondering what Ray Tracing is, It is a graphics rendering technique that gives rays of light a natural and lifelike appearance (via Wired). Ray Tracing can be used by 3D wallpapers to make shadows, reflections, and refractions of objects appear more vivid and lifelike by rendering light in real-time. It also allows users to interact with wallpapers through hand gestures.

Oppo ColorOS Ray Tracing 3D Wallpapers for smartphones

As revealed by Oppo in a blog post, the company began developing its ray tracing technology back in early 2018. The previous generation of Oppo’s ray tracing was based on hybrid rendering, which has been replaced with a new method to accelerate its performance. For the ColorOS Ray Tracing 3D Wallpapers, Oppo has adopted hybrid architecture and dedicated hardware cores on the Dimensity 9000-powered Find X5 Pro.

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Oppo has announced that the company will release the 3D wallpaper application as an APK to the Oppo Find X5 Pro (Dimensity version) users. The application will also be released for global developers, artists, and designers as an SDK package for developments.

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