[Exclusive] These Are The Renders of OPPO’s New Wireless Charging Pad

OPPO’s New Wireless Charging Pad Renders

Days after Apple introduced its new MagSafe power packs, other smartphone manufacturers are following in Apple’s footsteps. Recently, Realme teased a ‘stick-on’ wireless charger that it calls the Realme ‘MagDart’ which is set to be announced on August 3, 2021. Today, we have managed to unearth renders of a new OPPO wireless charger that could be officially announced soon. Interestingly, this comes days after we previously reported about OPPO gearing up to launch its version of MagSafe.

Anyway, take a look at them renders below.

From the renders, OPPO’s new charging pads seem to be a fairly slim, conventional magnetic wireless charging platform, that may or may not be slimmer than Apple MagSafe. It looks definitely thinner than Realme’s boxy MagDart charger. While we do not know the dimensions of the product – including its exact width – yet, what we do know is that the gadget seems to feature a USB Type-C port for connectivity at the lower edge and a LED indicator at the other edge. It is also unclear as to how fast this new wireless charger can charge OPPO devices.

Note that OPPO does have a history of coming up with insanely fast charging standards – including 65W wireless charging with its 65W Air VOOC wireless charger that it showcased last year. In March 2021, the company also came up with a (relatively) slower 45W Air VOOC wireless charger. It would, therefore, be OK for us to assume that this charger could also support wireless fast charging.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much all we have for you regarding OPPO’s new wireless charger. We will, of course, keep you posted in case we come across any significant developments in terms of this interesting little charger.

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