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Oppo Watch 2 Launching in China on July 27

Oppo Watch 2 listed on Chinese online retailer JD.com's website

Wearables have slowly but surely increased in popularity and demand, including in the Indian market. Smartphone manufacturers have made a concerted effort to enter the fitness tracker market. According to news, Chinese electronics brand OPPO is preparing to launch the OPPO Watch 2 on July 27.

Oppo Watch 2 Specifications

Oppo Watch 2

According to posters, the OPPO Watch 2 has shed some light on the new smartwatch, including high-definition pictures. Furthermore, Oppo Watch 2 will reportedly be available in a variety of colors, including Steel Blue, Gold Sand, Water Leaf, Dusty Gray, Matisse, and Mine Shaft. The device will feature a square screen to support heart rate detection, AMOLED display, new watch faces, stress level monitoring, and LTE support.

The official also revealed that the OPPO Watch 2 is equipped with OPPO and Ambiq’s deeply customized Apollo4s chip, which is worth looking forward to in terms of battery life. When the watch is in the off-screen state or performing low-power tasks, the chip will actively reduce the computing power resulting in low power consumption and longer battery life.

The prior used to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip, 8GB storage and runs on Wear OS. The Watch 2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, the storage will be upgraded to 16GB, the watch has added a stress test, and the watch can control the phone to take pictures. The new OPPO Watch will also support e-sports mode, which is officially said to have “almost no shortcomings”.

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