Oppo Vein Unlocking Patent For Wearables

Oppo has recently been granted a patent that could be used on their upcoming wearable devices. The patent is regarding Vein Unlocking. It could be another bio-metric method like face and fingerprint unlock. Let’s take a detailed look at this new patent.

The new technology has a patent number of CN110298944B and describes a “Venous Unlocking Method and Vein Unlocking Device.” The company applied for this patent in 2019 at CNIPA which has been granted, recently. The name and the description of this patent both suggest that the patent is for Vein Unlocking for wearables.

As wearable devices are improving day by day and users are using them to do many other tasks that are different from fitness ones like NFC payments, calls, and more. This is why it is necessary to keep these devices secure. Implementing a fingerprint scanner on a wearable device isn’t a practical solution. So, this could be a great bio-metric method to unlock such devices. Here the user needs to show his/her hand in front of the wearable device and it gets unlocked. It recognizes the hand by measuring the thickness and characteristics of the user’s veins.

This technology is very similar to the Hand-ID system from LG. We hope to see this tech on their upcoming wearables. Currently, we do not know more details about this. But if we get any updates we will let you know, so Stay Tuned.

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