[Updated] These Are The Renders of OPPO’s New Smartwatch

OPPO’s New Smartwatch

Update: This could be an accessory for a smartwatch, which may or may not be for a completely new smartwatch with a unique design.

Days after OPPO made headlines with its renders of a new wireless charging pad, we have managed to unearth renders of a new OPPO Smartwatch that could be officially announced soon. Interestingly, this comes days after we previously reported about OPPO gearing up to launch its Watch 2.

Anyway, take a look at them renders below.

From the renders, OPPO’s new Smartwatch seems to feature a boxy design with no physical buttons. The OPPO Watch may also come with a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen, and blood pressure monitoring. The renders also reveal an interesting belt housing as there is a clip-in belt cutout on one side and a rollover hanger-type cutout on the other side.

As previously mentioned there are no physical buttons on the watch, so we can expect a touch control display in full glory. The placement of the sensors is very obvious and there is also a pull-up covering which could be for lithium button battery cells as there is no charging port to be found on the watch. However, the watch could also support wireless charging, as we recently reported the wireless charging pad from OPPO. But, we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt.

In terms of functionality, this watch could be very similar to the OPPO 41mm & 46mm Smartwatch, that the company launched on 6th March last year. But, this watch will be buttonless.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much all we have for you regarding OPPO’s new Smartwatch. We will, of course, keep you posted in case we come across any significant developments in terms of this interesting smartwatch.

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