Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger: Patent

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Oppo filed a patent for a new Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger. In terms of Charging solutions BBK sub-brand, Oppo is one of the leading brands. Previously, they launched a 50W SuperVooc charger which is so mini that you can fit it in your palm. With this Foldable wireless charger, it looks like they are trying to build a Wireless Charger that is comfortable to carry.

Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger: First-Look

This new Oppo Wireless Charger design revealed Thanks to CNIPA. The patent filed by Oppo, showing that they are developing a Foldable wireless charger. From the patent, we can clearly see that the Charger has a Type C port.

Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger
Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger

It can simultaneously charge two devices. Unlike, the other wireless charger here the Smartphone needs to keep Horizontally, to fit with the Charger.

Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger
Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger

At the middle it has a clamshell type design, from there its get folded. After folding, the charger becomes pocketable.

Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger
Oppo Foldable Wireless Charger

Although we do not know the the power(Watt) power of the charger, but considering it is from Oppo we can expect this Charger to be a 30W Charger at least or it can be even higher.

We are expecting more details regarding this will be revealed thanks to some other Certifications and Benchmarks websites, soon.

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