Opera Launches First Gamer-Focused Mobile Browser: Opera GX

Opera Launches First Gamer-Focused Mobile Browser: Opera GX

Today, Opera introduced the beta version of Opera GX Mobile – the world’s first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers. The beta version is available for both iOS and Android users.

Opera GX, the world’s first browser designed for gamers, was released in 2019. The Norwegian company has announced the launch of Opera GX Mobile nearly two years later. Currently, it is available in the beta version but is expected to become widely available in a few weeks.

Opera GX Mobile Browser Features

opera gx mobile features
Source: Opera

Since Opera GX Mobile is designed specifically for gamers, it includes a Quick Action Button with vibration and haptic feedback for navigation.

The browser also has a function called “Flow”, which allows gamers to sync their mobile and desktop experiences in order to share game walkthroughs, tutorials, and character builds across devices.

GX Corner, which can be reached from the browser’s speed dial, is another important feature of Opera GX Mobile. It provides curated and timely regular news about the best mobile games and links to popular games that are currently on sale.

Opera GX has a gaming-inspired UI interface with four theme options: GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf, unlike Opera’s standard mobile browser. A built-in ad blocker, a cookie dialogue blocker, and crypto-jacking security are among the other useful features.

Opera GX Mobile is available in beta on Android and iOS and will become available to the wider public in a few weeks. Follow these links to test it out:

For Android – operagx.gg/gx-beta-android
For iOS – operagx.gg/gx-beta-ios

P.S. iOS users need to revisit the link after installing TestFlight to access Opera GX for Mobile beta.

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