History Repeats After 5 Years: Oneplus Following Samsung Footsteps

OnePlus Nord 2
OnePlus Nord 2

With the release of the Oneplus Nord 2, Oneplus fans went crazy over the device. In terms of features, the Oneplus Nord 2 boasts everything from a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen to a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor and an amazing camera setup allowing you to capture your prettiest smiles and memories.

This device is powered by a 4500mAH battery, which is charged with 65W Wrap charging. As a result, Oneplus owners are quite grateful for the inclusion of this 65W charging adaptor in the box.

Oneplus Nord 2: Why did we say, ‘History repeats after 5 years”

Today, Ankur Sharma of Bengaluru claimed in the form of a tweet. Ankur claims that his wife’s 5-day-old OnePlus Nord 2 exploded when she was out for a bike ride. The explosion caused smoke to pour out of the OnePlus Nord 2, which was in her sling bag at the time.


As a result, OnePlus has acknowledged Ankur’s tweet and begun an investigation into the incident. The brand wrote in a public tweet via the OnePlus Support account on Twitter saying, “We are gutted to hear about your experience. We are deeply concerned and want to make it up to you. We request you to connect to us over a direct message so that we can make amends and turn this around for you.”

Have a close look at the image

Oneplus Nord 2

After being hit by an explosion, these photographs of the OnePlus Nord 2 show the device to be utterly destroyed. The rear panel, frame, and display have all been burnt and are no longer functioning.

Not for the first time, phone batteries have exploded or caught fire. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is undoubtedly the most known of these accidents. The phone was deemed a fire danger practically everywhere and was immediately recalled by Samsung.

Are all Nord users going to face a similar problem?

Oneplus Nord 2

Only this report has been made public, and Oneplus has already offered assistance. There is no way to know how many other devices will be affected by the same vulnerability in the near future. Oneplus will be at risk if these issues arise, as they will need to put up the same amount of effort as Samsung did five years ago during the WW1 of Batteries.

Why did this Happened?

According to what we know or have been told, this could be due to a poor battery or, more likely, the 65W wrap charging technology. But Oneplus seems to have forgotten this quote from the IT world:

” With Great fast charging technology comes great responsibility”

Samsung and Apple, on the other hand, are still using 25W chargers since they were aware of this quote since their first step in the futuristic world of 2021.

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