OnePlus and Oppo Are Working Together to Create a New Unified OS

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The Oppo and OnePlus merger has been in the talks for a while now with Pete Lau overseeing the merger. According to reports, the merger was inevitable after Carl Pei had left OnePlus to start his new company called Nothing back in October 2020. The reason behind him leaving was stated as an “internal power struggle” between him and Pete Lau. Lau later took on the additional role of SVP at Oppo and CEO of OnePlus.

Carl Pei clearly seemed to have a totally different strategy for OnePlus.

He wanted to create flagship devices, with highly optimised OxygenOS, that would compete with the devices manufacturers at the top, such as Samsung and Apple.

But, in a typical communist fashion that was not what the Chinese conglomerate BBK, the parent company of Oppo and OnePlus had in mind for its devices, they clearly wanted to make more money by selling more units rather than selling a new flagship every year, which led to the creation of OnePlus Nord series of devices. Although the original Nord was a very great device, the newer devices under the Nord series are losing their quality, with several OnePlus Nord 2 catching fire as well.

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Because of the same reason of making more money, OnePlus is slowly reducing its costs by merging the OnePlus’ and Oppo’s software teams, rather than having two separate teams. This had led to OnePlus announcing that OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS will be having the same codebase, but still, both of them will be separate in their looks. However, again, in typical communist fashion, that was all a lie.

Soon after this announcement, OnePlus started to ship its device with Oppo’s ColorOS rather than OxygenOS, at least in China, and it was said that this will only be a thing in China while the other countries will be getting the original OxygenOS experience.

However, now they have made it clear that Oppo & OnePlus will be having the same software rather than having a similar codebase by officially announcing the creation of a new UnifiedOS, which would be a combination of both the OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS. This new Operating System will be available on OnePlus’ new flagship to be released in 2022.


These changes have been very unwelcomed by the true fans of the OnePlus brand, who want their phone to provide a near-stock Android experience, but this seems to go away with the coming of the UnifiedOS.

The main concern about the update is that what it will be doing to OxygenOS and will it be near to stock Android as it is right now, while being free of bloatware and other unnecessary apps that you won’t need on your phone.

We will have to see how this fares out in the long run and let’s hope that this isn’t the final nail in the coffin for OxygenOS and OnePlus.

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