OnePlus and Oppo are Merging: OnePlus Says it Will Continue to Operate Independently

OnePlus Oppo
OnePlus Oppo

After a long period of collaboration, OnePlus and Oppo have made the announcement official. They are merging! The move comes amid the optimistic results of the two companies’ earlier merger of their R&D teams. Following the merger, OnePlus says it will continue to operate independently.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated in a recent note that the two companies will “further integrate” to be more efficient through resource sharing for both hardware and software. Pete Lau and Carl Pei, co-founders of OnePlus, previously worked together at Oppo. As a result, it appears that the move is primarily about pooling more resources and formalizing their working relationship.

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As many of you know, last year I took on some additional responsibilities to oversee product strategy for both OnePlus and OPPO. Since then, we have integrated a number of our teams together with OPPO to better streamline our operations and capitalize on additional shared resources. After seeing positive impact from those changes, we’ve decided to further integrate our organization with OPPO.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a forum post

According to the post, this will entail things like integrating teams and sharing resources, as you’d expect from a merger. However, the OnePlus brand will remain distinct from Oppo, so both companies will continue to release smartphones.

I’m confident that this change will be positive for our community and our users. With this deeper integration with OPPO, we will have more resources at hand to create even better products for you. It will also allow us to be more efficient, for example, bringing faster and more stable software updates for OnePlus users.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a forum post

According to Lau, the move will provide OnePlus with additional resources to develop better products.

It’s possible that it won’t amount to much. Both OnePlus and Oppo are already subsidiaries of BBK Electronics, so they’ve always been associated. Last year, Lau started overseeing product strategy for both OnePlus and Oppo, a move that resulted in some of their teams merging.

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