NPR Will Now Stream on Spotify Worldwide

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– NPR Shows now available on Spotify worldwide
– Shows include Louder Than A Riot to Up First, NPR News Now, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour among others
– Spotify has provided a list of top NPR episodes to get you started
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2020 was one such year where the streaming scenario changed greatly all around the world. Due to the pandemic, people being forced to remain in their houses, resorted to streaming. Not only did that include video streaming but also music.

Music became an escape from the surroundings for millions of people. Moreover, a change in users’ streaming patterns was also observed. Spotify Wrapped 2020 showed a fine shift towards more informative news podcasts during the course of the pandemic and it seems that keeping in mind the same, Spotify has decided to provide NPR podcasts on its platform for users worldwide now.

The NPR-Spotify partnership has been live since 2018, with NPR streaming some of its specific shows on the music streaming platform. This facility was only accessible to users residing in the US, until recently when Spotify announced that it was rolling out this feature worldwide. This was due to certain regulations and country-specific licensing systems but now they seem to be taken care of.

Spotify announced that certain NPR shows will now stream “in most countries around the world.” A specific list of the eligible countries wasn’t declared but it is believed that all major countries will be covered. The shows that have made the cut to be streamed on Spotify include Louder Than A Riot to Up First, NPR News Now, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour, and Short Wave among others.

For a long now, Spotify has been both a fierce competitor and a dependable ally to such small podcast networks. Though there has been criticism regarding Spotify promoting its in-house productions over other content, the podcast networks are also aware of Spotify’s wide reach on both android and iOS platforms around many countries of the world. Hence, it seems in their interests to comply with Spotify and its terms of use.

On the other hand, users can now start enjoying their favorite NPR shows with the ease of Spotify. If you are new to NPR, then Spotify has got you sorted as well. You can find a playlist of the best NPR episodes here to get you in the loop. Happy Streaming!

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