Nothing’s (1) More Thing Announcement Was Nothing But a Massive April Fools Joke

Nothing Might Have Killed Two Birds With One Stone With Its April Fools Joke.
Nothing (1) More Thing

Nothing’s twitter post which was posted on 31st March was supposed to be a invitation its (1) more thing announcement that would have been made public on 1st April. This made many of us excited for what’s to come. However, it looks like the event was nothing but a massive April Fools joke mocking Nothing’s competitors namely Apple and OnePlus and every other smartphone maker.

The mockery was highly implied in the first post as firstly it was shared during the OnePlus 10 Pro global launch event, and secondly the so called announcement was called (1) more thing. ‘One More Thing’ being a reference to Apple’s practice that started in 1999, where Steve Jobs would leave (often quite big) announcements for the end of a presentation.

Whereas a second post that was posted on April 1st confirmed that it was not a announcement at all but a April Fools joke which was accompanied with a link to its website.

Meanwhile, upon going to the website you will be greeted by a device mockup that’s looks like most smartphones on the market along with some text mocking current smartphone designs and a buy button.

Whereas clicking on the buy button takes you to another page which has the text saying “All jokes aside, it’s easy to follow everyone else, but that’s not who we are”. Furthermore the background image looks like some sorts of ribbon cable along with a wireless charging coil.

Besides mocking its competitors for their uninventive and conventional designs, this April Fools joke was also kind of free intentional publicity for Nothing. After all ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ which according to the Cambridge Dictionary is said to emphasise that it is better that something receives bad; in this case false publicity than no publicity at all.

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