Oho! Another Bad News, No Oneplus 9T This Year

Oho! Another Bad News, No Oneplus 9T This Year
First time since 2015 OnePlus won’t release a T-model.

Oho! Another Bad News, No Oneplus 9T This Year – It’s been years since OnePlus’ annual product cycle included the Oneplus T line. While the brand already skipped the 8T pro model last year, they appear to want to do away with the T variants totally this year.

Leaker Max Jambor has tweeted a very short tweet about it, but there is still no official word from OnePlus. The discontinuation of the OnePlus 9T models has not been confirmed, and there is at least some hope that this is a joke.

This Maybe A Reason Behind No Launch Of the Oneplus 9T

Oneplus 9T
Oneplus 9 lineup

In general, the removal of the OnePlus 9T variants would be consistent with the current scenario. There is a severe shortage of processors and chips on the market at present. The premium models, as well as the 5G SoC, are especially prone. As a result, it is very likely that OnePlus is also affected and must decide whether to release a OnePlus 9T with a less powerful processor and without 5G or to discontinue the product outright. With this decision, it makes perfect sense to skip the T-devices this year.

A chip shortage also implies that you will most likely bet on a T series again in the following year. The OnePlus 10T will be released in this scenario if there are enough CPUs available. For example, the corporation may decide to avoid a T series to streamline its own product range. The future of OnePlus’ T-series devices looks bleak. As a result, it’s not clear why the corporation would cut the top models after expanding the product line for the cheaper variants.

In general, it would be nice if the company would actively seek clarity here – if you truly cancel the OnePlus 9T, you would not lose anything if you communicated this early on.

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