New weapon, Erangel upgrade, vehicle changes, and more are included in the PUBG New State Mobile update.

Krafton is going to relese new update for the PUBG New State Mobile with Erangel upgrade, vehicle changes, and more.
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The developer group behind the PUBG New State Mobile game, Krafton, is gearing up to release season 2 of the game. Tomorrow, the game will receive the new 0.9.26 update, which will include a new weapon, weapon attachments, and improvements to how vehicles work in the game. With almost every update, New State Mobile gets new weapons and attachments. Apart from that, the game will receive various weapon balancing tweaks as well as performance improvements for Android and iOS platforms.

Now let’s look at all the new New weapons, Erangel upgrades, vehicle changes that will happen in the PUBG New State Mobile with the upcoming update.

Changes in the vehicle

New State Mobile players that are in a vehicle will be dropped if one‘s vehicle is smashed following the latest update. Aside from that, gamers will find it more difficult to aim and shoot at opponents when traveling in a vehicle after the latest update. The vehicles’ handling has also been tweaked, making them a little more difficult to drive. The latest update will indeed increase co-op revival speed and offer touch stabilization options to help with weapon precision.

Not only that but with the new update, New State Mobile players who have a weapon skin and a parachute skin will receive a reward from the game. SMG/ SG update tokens and SR/ DMR update tokens will be awarded to players that attain and maintain the Conqueror tier. New State Mobile and McLaren are teaming up to bring a new sports car to the game.

Machine gun MG3 (new)

new MG3 Machine gun
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The new MG3 machine gun, which uses 7.62mm ammo, is coming to PUBG New State Mobile. There are two firing modes on the gun which include 660 RPM and 990 RPM. The MG3 has excellent recoil control and appears to be effective at shorter and longer distances.

Changes in Erangel 2051

There will be significant changes in the southern section of Erangel 2051 in New State Mobile. A new area will be added to the map soon. While playing the game, gamers will be able to discover that exact location but it will be under construction. In addition, the Port has gained a massive factory, and Ferry Pier has gained a new loot area. For Erangel 2051, the item and vehicle drop rates have been modified.

Customization of weapons

The Vector receives the C2 attachment, it will significantly boost the magazine capacity at the same time slowing the reloading speed of the gun. A C2 stock is also included with the Mini-14, which provides increased stability but a reduced rate of fire.

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