New VALORANT Agent Teased During Summer Game Fest

Valorant New Agent Teaser Revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021
Valorant New Agent Teaser Revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021

During the Summer Game Fest live event, a brief clip showed a new valorant agent at the beginning in the background as its head activated on a table nearby. Fans have already begun to piece together the agent’s potential abilities based on the information provided in the teaser.

Early today, an in-game agent “Killjoy” seized control of the official VALORANT Twitter account and has been posting enigmatic photos on a regular basis. Her first photo was a concert selfie, while her second photo shows an Alarmbot being turned off. The caption states “Variable removed, Alarmbot is down”, which probably refers to one of the abilities of the new agent.

Killjoy most likely built the robot (new agent) to assist guard against the mirrored agents attempting to steal Earth-1’s Radianite, based on the short footage of it activating. Teasers for a new agent have also been spotted on Breeze, such as a knife generating purple sparks lodged in a box.

New Valorant Agent Teaser on Breeze
New Valorant Agent Teaser on Breeze

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The new robot agent will most likely be armed with daggers or knives as seen in a recent leak, that may be used to disable other agent abilities, such as Killjoy’s Alarmbot. It’s unclear if the new agent will be able to block all abilities or simply physical ones like Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Raze’s Boom Bot.

The Summer Game Fest live event stated that fans would learn more about the new agent later this month. In less than two weeks, Episode Three will air, and fans will get their hands on the first robot agent to arrive in Valorant.

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