New Valorant Agent KAYO Abilities Gameplay Footage Leaked

New Valorant Agent KAYO
New Valorant Agent KAYO

New Valorant Agent KAYO Abilities Gameplay Footage Leaked– New Valorant Agent KAYO Abilities has been leaked via in-game footage. Kayo has been confirmed to be an initiator agent, not a sentinel as initially suspected, and his ability set as an initiator is far more suited to his skill set.

According to the riot developers, the real attraction of his kit is to compel enemies around him to focus on their gunplay rather than their abilities. That’s basically what kayo will be doing every round, in addition to having an emp-like ability that disables opposing abilities. He also has some amazing combat abilities, like a flashbang grenade. Let’s take a look at KAYO’s abilities.

New Valorant Agent KAYO Abilities

New Valorant Agent KAYO gameplay footage

ZERO/point (E)

KAYO's signature ability (E) is ZERO/point
KAYO’s signature ability (E) is ZERO/point

The KAYO’s signature ability (E) is ZERO/point, a dagger that strikes and suppresses everyone inside its blast radius when cast into the initial surface.  Opponents caught in its sphere of influence will be unable to use their own abilities and will be forced to depend solely on gun skill. It may also disable equipment like Killjoy’s turret.

FLASH/drive (Q)

KAYO's second ability (Q) is FLASH/drive
KAYO’s second ability (Q) is FLASH/drive

The KAYO’s second ability (Q) is FLASH/drive. It comes in the shape of a flash grenade that can be charged to shorten the amount of time it takes to ‘cook.’ Right-clicking will fire a charged flash that will cook in one second, but left-clicking will increase the wait time to 1.6 seconds.

FRAG/ment (C)

KAYO's third ability (C) is FRAG/ment
KAYO’s third ability (C) is FRAG/ment

FRAG/ment is KAY/final O’s non-ultimate ability (C), an “explosive fragment” that sticks to the ground and explodes several times. If an opponent is caught in the center of its blast, it may nearly completely wipe out their health, similar to the damage from Raze’s Cluster Grenade.

NULL/cmd (X)

KAYO's ult (X) is NULL/cmd
KAYO’s ult (X) is NULL/cmd

While Sage is the sole character capable of reviving players back to combat, KAY/O’s ultimate ability (X) appears to have the potential to alter mid-to-late game battles. NULL/cmd allows players to “instantly overload with polarized radiant energy,” giving KAY/O a battle stim, suppressing foes with pulses, and, most significantly, allowing him to be downed rather than annihilated. But keep in mind that this only happens when he’s overloaded.

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When the Episode 3 Act I battle pass launches on June 22nd, KAY/O will not be the only new feature. Players that team up with companions during the Valorant Year One Event between June 22nd and July 6th will receive extra XP in addition to the regular free and paid weapon skins, gun buddies, cards, sprays, and titles. Two-person teams will receive an 8% bonus, while three-person and four-person teams will receive 12- and 16-percent bonuses, respectively. If you can complete all five spaces, the XP bonus jumps to a whopping 20%.

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