You Can Now Add Your Pronouns on Your Instagram Profile As a Part of a New Update

Add Pronouns to Instagram scaled

Instagram is making it easier to refer to users using their preferred pronouns. Today, the company revealed that users can add up to four pronouns to their profile, which they can then choose to view publicly or only to their followers. (Users under the age of 18 would have this setting enabled by default.) According to Instagram, users can fill out a form to get a pronoun added if it isn’t already there or simply add it to their bio. Instagram says it’s available in “a few countries,” but doesn’t elaborate. We’ve reached out for more details and will provide an update if we receive a response.

As reported by Verge, some of their staff already had access to the feature hinting that this feature may already be live in the US. Here are a few images displaying how the update will look.

Other sites allow users to add pronouns to their profiles as well. Dating apps like OkCupid, as well as other apps like Lyft, have already implemented the functionality. Interestingly, Facebook began allowing users to identify their pronouns in 2014, but the function was limited to “he/him, she/her, and they/them.” This continues to be the case even though Instagram will have more choices.

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