New Kindle Paperwhite Leaked with 6.8-Inch Display

Kindle Paperwhite 2021
Kindle Paperwhite 2021

The latest generation of Amazon’s bestselling Kindle Paperwhite is underway and has been leaked. A new report from GoodEReader shows two brand new Kindle devices, namely the Kindle Paperwhite & Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition that brings with them some good news for avid Kindle readers. Two new devices are shown in the chart, a CA$149.99 Kindle Paperwhite, and a CA$209.99 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

The new Kindles feature a 6.8-inch E ink display which is 0.8″ larger than the last generation which was capped at 6-inches. However, only the higher-end Signature Edition features an auto-brightness feature, wireless charging, and more storage options.

Common features like the base 8GB and 32GB storage options and the 330pi resolution remain the same as the last generation for both devices. The amount of LEDs for the device’s front-light has increased from a mere five to 17, and their color temperature should also be adjustable like the current Kindle Oasis. These devices also feature an ergonomic design, auto-rotating page orientation, and physical page-turn buttons which is something the Kindle Oasis does not support. There is no mention of the ports they will use though. It is unclear if Amazon will switch to USB-C or continue using Micro-USB connectivity like every other Kindle on the market.

Amazon also released a new Kindle Interface recently which is like a software update for Kindles launched in the last 6 years. The new layout adds a navigation bar that makes it easier to jump between the device’s Home screen, library, and in-progress book. The new Kindles could come pre-installed with this new update but that is still an assumption.

Amazon typically holds an event every September so these Kindles may not be too far away. They will be very exciting launches for Kindle readers and new buyer looking to get into the world of e-books!

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