Instagram’s Product Tagging Tool Is Now Available: Here Is How to Use It

Instagram launched new feature which allows users to tag products. Read along to know more about it.
instagram new feature

Instagram is going to help its users with the ability to add product tags in in their post. It is the first time when Instagram is going to give this liberty. Earlier it was restricted only to the businesses and creators.

Instagram has recently announced that it is working on providing the ability to bring a product tagging tool for all its users in the United States. Few days ago the normal users could only tag people on their posts. But now, they can publish a post by tagging a brand and specify a product. Whoever taps on those product tags can get a detailed information on that particular product they had clicked through an Instagram detail page.

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instagram new feature

In a statement, the company implied that the most important reason as to why the company is so eager to bring this feature is to public is because it wants everyone to inspire those who are closest to the users by tagging the product. The company said that it is a way to help friends and family discover the new products of their choice. The company also implied that through this feature, sharing products on Instagram will be easier.

This product tagging tool is considered to be the result of the parent company Meta’s effort to bring a rigid and suitable e-commerce market in the realm of social media. Hence, it can be said that, it is one of the steps to promote the e-commerce market by using Instagram. Instagram has introduced Facebook’s Shop too and Checkout to help the users shop from the platform.

Currently this feature is only applicable on posts to the feed and it is available only on public accounts. Instagram is now working to make this feature available for stories.

How does it happen? Well, when you create a post to publish do not forget to tag brand and specify a product. If somebody taps on the product that you have posted, that person will be able to have all the needed information regarding that product. And that person can buy the product by directly going to the app or through the brand’s product detail page.

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How to Add Product Tag on Instagram

The process of adding a product tag is rather simple. At first you need to open Instagram to start to create a post on feed. Then tap on ‘Tag people.’ Once you tap on the ‘Tag people’ option, you should find two options ‘People’ and ‘Products.’  Click on ‘Products.’ Tap on photos to tag products and use description to find the products. Once you finish specifying any style or color, then click to tag the product. Now, when all of this is complete, click on ‘share’ to publish your post.   

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