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New Bluetooth Speakers From Boat Got BIS Certified, Seems Like Upgraded Variants of Boat Stone 170

Let Music do the talking.

Boat has emerged as one of the prominent budget manufacturing audio brands in India. From providing non-stop audio bliss at an affordable price. The brand has Placed fifth globally in the IDC worldwide Q3 2020 as the most wearable and trusted brand.

We at Oyprice came across several products registrations by Boat which indicates that they are preparing to launch various models and planning to launch them in the next few months.

BIS Certification

From the information, it is clear that all the products seem like upgraded variants of the Boat Stone 170. List of Products certified at the BIS certification site:

  • Boat Stone 171
  • Boat Stone S172
  • Boat Stone S178
  • Boat Stone 170F
  • Boat Stone 170R
  • Boat Stone 170RTL

Features we can expect from the upcoming Portable Bluetooth Speakers

  • IPX6 water resistance
  • Longer battery life
  • HD immersive sound

Boat’s Best Selling Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Rugby

Boat rugby is a portable Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a rugby ball. Running on 1 Lithium polymer battery which is compatible with mobile and tablet. The device also features a Built-in microphone, stereo output mode, alkaline battery cell composition, and has an average life of 8 hours.

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