Netflix Partial Downloads Feature Coming to Android


Netflix will enable partial downloading on Android phones and tablets, according to its blog post. The firm introduced a new option for its members on Monday that will allow them to stream content from movies and TV programmes that have not yet finished downloading on the app.

Beginning today, Android users on mobile and tablets will be able to stream Netflix episodes and movies while their download is still in progress. Previously, a title had to be completely downloaded to a device before it could be viewed, which, depending on your wifi connection or data allowance, could make streaming a title difficult.

For the time being, partial downloading will be limited to Android mobile and tablet devices, but Netflix has stated that it will “be testing on iOS in the coming months.”

We increasingly are understanding what our members needs and sort of the members we haven’t signed up, consumers’ needs generally, in more and more countries. And they all have sort of unique constraints that they’re working through. They have unique expectations from the service. And our job is to learn more and more and more about what those are and make sure that we are being able to offer the service in a way that feels natural that feels delightful to them

Greg Peters, Chief Product Officer, Netflix

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Netflix first debuted the Downloads option in 2016. Netflix stated at the time that the feature was developed with nations such as India in consideration. Netflix subscribers in India are among the most avid users of the platform’s content.

Netflix expanded on this feature in 2018 by introducing Smart Downloads on Android, followed by iOS in 2019. The feature ensures that the next episode of the series being watched is downloaded. It also deletes episodes after the user has watched them.

Unlike many Netflix features that first appeared on iOS and then made their way to Android (such as Smart Downloads and Fast Laughs), the newly announced support for viewing partially downloaded content is currently rolling out to Android devices, with the company promising to begin testing the feature on iOS devices “in the coming months.”

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