Netflix Cuts Down Its Subscription Prices For India

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Netflix is reducing its subscription prices in India. There is a massive price cut for various plans, with the basic plan coming down to Rs 199 per month from Rs 499 per month. Let us have a look at all the plans and their pricing.

Netflix India's new subscrption prices.

The Mobile plan introduced by Netflix in 2019 costs Rs 199 per month, offering one screen viewing capacity is now cut down to Rs 149 per month. And as the name suggests, this plan only works on smartphones and tablets and is restricted to SD(480p) resolution. A reasonable entry-level price to get people hooked onto watching Netflix shows, movies, etc.

The Basic plan is where the most significant price cut is, with it coming down from Rs 499 per month to Rs 199 per month. The Basic plan offers one screen, works on mobile devices, computers, and TV, and is restricted to SD(480p) resolution.

The next plan is the Standard plan, which offers HD(1080p) resolution, two screens to stream on simultaneously, and works on mobile devices, computers, and TV. It has been cut from Rs 649 per month to Rs 499 per month.

The highest tier offered by Netflix is the Premium plan that delivers Ultra HD (4K+HDR) resolution, four screens to stream on simultaneously, and works on mobile devices, computers, and TV. This plan is cut from Rs 799 per month to Rs 649 per month.

India is a price-sensitive market, and other streaming services know this well and have priced their subscription rates accordingly. While Netflix is not as cheap as its competitors, it is trying to reach a larger audience by cutting down on its prices.

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Netflix India’s VP-Content, told MoneyControl“They are also rolling out a new auto-upgrade feature for existing members starting December 14, wherein the service will show a popup that allows users to auto-upgrade their plan to the next tier if they are comfortable paying the existing prices.”  

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