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MSI Launches CMP 50HX Mining Graphic Card

MSI officially launched its own CMP 50HX mining dedicated graphics card.

MSI has officially launched its own dedicated graphics card for mining: CMP 50HX. Although, CMP50HX cannot be used for gaming and other video-related operation. Created with the latest technologies, CMP 50HX is highly efficient and delivers a super-fast mining experience.

CMP 50HX is not designed for your ordinary usage, but MSI still designed a beautiful casing for the graphic card. Featuring a single turbofan to exhaust heat. The surface of the radiator is opaque (translucent window), which can be seen.


This graphic card features a TU102 “Turing” architecture GPU. For performance, the GPU has a 3584 CUDA core center, which is comparatively less than 4352 core RTX 2080 TI, resulting in low performance. The GPU works on the frequency 1350 MHz and runs on the accelerated frequency of 1545MHz. The CMP 50HX will be equipped with 10GB GDDR6 graphic memory, a transfer rate of 320-bits/s at 14Gbps speed. CMP 50HX is specifically designed for Ethereum(ETH), which mines at 45MH/s. The graphics card power consumption is 225W.

Double ball bearing structure (TurboFan)

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The major problem faced during the mining process is heating. CMO 50HX is equipped with a turbofan that uses a double ball bearing structure to stability and longevity. The back of the graphic card is covered with a large metal covering a large area to ensure heat dissipation. For interface, this graphic card uses the PCIe 1.0×4 protocol, which is far lower than the mainstream PCIe 3.0/4.0×16 protocol. Furthermore, just the heat sink is left on the graphics card’s side baffle, obviating the option of installing video output ports.

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