Motorola Moto G50 Gets Stable Android 12 Update

Moto G50 joins Android 12 party.
Motorola Moto G50 Android 12 update

Motorola seems to have poured in efforts to release the Android 12 update to its eligible devices as quick as possible. The Android 12 journey from Motorola started with Moto G Pro in February. A month later, the Moto G30 mid-range phone joined the Android 12 party, and the update is now rolling out to Motorola Moto G50.

The Android 12 update for Moto G50 is rolling out in the same week when Moto G100 earned its promotion to the latest Android OS. So, Motorola is speeding up the rollout speed. The latest software update for Moto G50 comes with the build version S1RF32.27-25. For now, it is rolling out to the XT2137-1-DS model in the UK.

The Android 12 has arrived for Snapdragon 480-powered Moto G50 as the Dimensity 700-powered Moto G50 5G is still stuck on the Android 11. Hopefully, the spread of Android 12 love will reach the 4G variant soon, as Motorola is doing a great job of rolling out the Android 12 update across its mid-range portfolio.

Motorola Moto G50 users in the UK should get the update anytime soon if they have not received it. It should reach the smartphone with a pop-up notification. If you think you might have missed the notification, navigate to Settings > About phone > System updates to check for new updates. The update has just started to roll out in the UK, and it’s only a matter of time before the update hits more regions.

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Motorola Moto G50 Android 12 update features

Moto G50 users have a lot of features to look forward to after updating the device to Android 12. It includes Material You colour theming, Privacy Dashboard, a redesigned quick settings panel, and a camera/mic/location indicator in the status bar when any of these are being accessed by an application. On top of Android 12 features, the device also gets new features from Motorola’s My UX custom features, such as Flip to DND, Quick capture, and more.

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