Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021

Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021
Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021

At the CES 2021, MOJO launched the world’s first and only smart contact lens known as the Mojo Vision Lens. It is truly a step into the future. It looks just like your standard contact lens but it displays digital information that blends seamlessly with the world around you. Check out this blog to find out what all this lens can do and how it will make our life easier.

Capabilities of the Mojo Vision Lens

Imagine giving a presentation and you can see notes without even looking at your laptop or your mobile or even going to unknown places and seeing directions right in front of you. Interesting right? Something that only you might have seen in movies or web series. This smart lens projects videos, images, and text onto your field of vision. Using Augmented Reality technology, the contact lens can access all kinds of information, using the internet for its brain.

Furthermore, it will even understand and memorize your real-time activities and will not disrupt or distract you at that moment. Overall, this wearable tech can provide a hands-free, heads-up solution to daily tasks where you’d ordinarily reach for your smartphone.

You can even wear this lens for your social situations. The people around you will not even know that you are wearing the smart lens unless and until you tell them. In other words, you get your personal Jarvis but without voice assistance. This really is a big step into the future.

Provides a safe and customized fit

The Mojo Vision Lens does not touch your cornea rather it rests on the white part of your eyes. And also it measures half a millimeter in diameter for maximum comfort. Furthermore, the Lens is also custom-fit to your eye which helps to avoid any slips or rotations during wear.

Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021

The company has designed the lens with patented technology that allows maximizing the amount of oxygen your eye receives, which is a very important component for a healthy eye. When you’re not using it, the AR goes away. This gadget has been created to elevate human vision with useful information rather than bombarding you with data, according to Mojo Vision’s video at CES 2021.

Mojo Vision Lens has been named a winner by NASA iTech for 2020 Cycle I and also the winner of  Last Gadget Standing at CES 2021. “We’re thrilled to have been selected among the winners of NASA iTech’s 2020 Cycle I program,” said Drew Perkins, CEO and Co-founder of Mojo Vision. “This is an opportunity that not many tech startups get to experience, and it’s exciting to know that our technology could one day be used during future NASA missions. We still have plenty of work to do in the development of Mojo Lens, but our selection by NASA demonstrates a clear desire for innovation in augmented reality and heads-up computing, particularly for space exploration.”

Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021
Mojo Vision Lens on a person’s finger

The pricing and availability have not been announced yet but we can tell one thing for sure that with this gadget, Mojo has opened a new gate in the world of technology, we look forward to seeing some more new gadgets in the near future.

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