Modern Data Management trends to look for in 2021

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The recent wave of technology that helps you manage data at your ease was very important. Right from the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, to the growth of machine learning and automation, the methods of Data Management are constantly evolving with new strategies, technologies, and challenges. At the same time, the amount of data is also increasing along with its complexity, keeping in mind the increasing demand for fast and wide-range access to information.

So here are some modern Data Management trends that you should look for in 2021 :

1. Hybrid and multi-cloud technology

So, the hybrid cloud is basically a combination of a private cloud with one or more public cloud services. This provides greater flexibility by moving workloads between cloud solutions as needed. Hybrid cloud can be also called as a part of multi-cloud, as in multi-cloud the combination can also be of all the public cloud services.

Even IBM shifted its cloud to hybrid cloud technology earlier this year. This is eventually becoming a necessity for all enterprises.

2. Data fabric technology

2021 can see a rise in data fabric technology.

Data fabric is a set of data services and architecture that provide consistent capabilities across a choice of end-point spanning on-premises and several multi-cloud environments. It simplifies and integrated data management to accelerate digital transformation.

Data fabric can be imagined as a weave that is stretched over a large space that connects several locations, types, and sources of data, along with the methods of accessing that data. This is designed to solve complexities related to data management through a single unified platform.

3. Increased use of AI and ML for prediction

The future of the data stack will be AI or ML-driven intelligent and predictive analytics, which will be capable of leveraging both historic and real-time data.

The inclusion of artificial learning and machine learning has become a part of every enterprise now. These tools are widely used for tackling infrastructure by doing auto-scaling, auto-healing, optimization, and much more.

4. Security needs for the data stack

With every industry having a cybersecurity reckoning, users are now asking for a unified, end-to-end data governance structure. And in the coming years, data security is going to be the first thing the companies would be looking for when it comes to data management. As of, today the data is increasing day by day and Big data is a matter of concern.

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