Microsoft Loop: Microsoft Unveils its Take on Notion

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The Notion has been one of the most popular collaborative workspace app helping the employees inside a workspace to schedule tasks, manage files, save documents, set reminders, keep agendas, organize their work.

However, many apps providing similar features have also surfaced online, with a few notable examples being Koda and Slite. Seeing the success of these apps, Microsoft has also revealed its take on Notion with its new Microsoft Loop app.

The Microsoft Loop app comes with a sidebar for toggling between pages, interactive elements including charts and task lists, and the ability to move parts of a document around by dragging and dropping, making it very similar to Notion. But, what makes it better than Notion is the introduction of Loop pages and components that can be fully integrated with Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft Loop
Microsoft Loop

Loop components are like live pieces of content that can co-exist across multiple apps, which are updated in real-time. A loop component can include anything from a list to a complex Office 365 project, which can be shared as a note in Microsoft OneNote or even as an email in Microsoft Outlook while allowing users to make edits in real-time.

While, you can organize your Components inside Loop Pages, a new type of document that can also include files and links. Think of them like unstructured Word documents (or perhaps more like how people typically use Google Docs).

Microsoft Loop Components & Pages

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Apart from the features listed above, the Loop app will also provide a feature called Loop Workspaces, a way to view various components and pages related to specific projects all gathered in one place, allowing users to collaborate in real-time.

According to Microsoft: “Workspaces make it easy for you to catch up on what everyone is working on, react to others’ ideas, or track progress toward shared goals.”

Microsoft Loop components integration will also be arriving in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and OneNote soon, while the main Microsoft Loop app is expected to be released in the upcoming months.

Overall, the Microsoft Loop seems like an excellent addition to Microsoft’s current lineup of the productivity suite. This would help create an ecosystem that enhances users’ productivity while offering far more integration and compatibility than what you would get with a third-party app such as Notion.

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