Microsoft Patents a New Technology To Score The Quality of Their Meetings

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Microsoft has been shaking things up lately in their ‘Productivity’ department. With their self-developed technologies, they strive to enhance the overall organisational productivity. It was quite evident from the introduction of their new “Productivity score” technology in the company in October 2020. 

Although Austrian Researcher Wolfie Christl criticised this productivity score feature as “workplace surveillance”, Microsoft is still undeterred from their goal of achieving optimal productivity in their workspace. So they are back again with a new tech to measure the “quality score” of their in-person and virtual meetings and forge higher efficiency in them.

Microsoft patent filings for this new tech have recently surfaced. These filings briefly describe the system which this tech implements. The system uses cameras, sensors, and other software tools to derive and predict the “overall quality score” of meetings based on a number of factors like body language, facial expression, time, venue, number of people in the meeting etc. 

Apart from this, the tech would predict the probability that a  meeting held in the future will be of high-quality. It can also flag potential challenges that a meeting might face and would suggest alternatives to overcome those challenges so that the success rates of meetings increase.

Microsoft argues in their patent that the insights of meeting quality they get from this new tech will enable them to get over tha plague of overly long, poorly attended and recurring meetings that almost every organization faces. 

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