Microsoft Confirmed That Several Windows 11 Taskbar Functions Will Not Be Reinforced Anytime Soon

Users will not get the old taskbar functions any time soon on their Windows 11 confirmed by Microsoft. Read along to know more about it.
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Microsoft has been talking about the latest features and security of Windows 11 whenever the company is promoting it. Windows 11 has also been referred to as the most secure OS for users. Despite everything, the users have pointed out many flaws and problems that are yet to be solved by the company. In the upcoming Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft has promised to address the shortcomings of the previous version. However, it has been very clear that some features are not likely to return anytime soon.

Microsoft has recently decided to launch the Windows 11 version 22H2 in the market. While some taskbar features are likely to make a comeback in the new version, what has disappointed the consumers is the unavailability to move the taskbar from the bottom of the computer screen.

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Even after the repeated demand of the availability to move the taskbar of the computer to some other side, Microsoft has gone further by pointing out why that is difficult and currently not on the top priority list of the company. It has been said that the taskbar of the Windows 11 has been rebuilt from scratch by using XAML. And this new way of building the taskbar has its share of responsibility. The company is currently quite taken by adding minor features to the taskbar. It will provide a better overflow experience for the system tray optimization and icons for the personal computers that run on Windows 11 and tablets.

Microsoft has gone further by declaring that right now, the company’s development team is working on getting back the drag and dropping functionality in Windows 11 version 22H2. Although the previously-mentioned feature is coming back with the new version, the taskbar currently does not support the ability to change its icons, the right-click menu and drag and drop. Microsoft has confirmed that it is not going to add any option to change the location of the taskbar from the bottom to the top, left or right side of the screen.

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It has been said that though many users have been demanding the option to change the location of the taskbar, there are a large number of users who are perfectly happy with the present arrangement. So, the company has made it very clear that it is not on its priority list for now.

In a recent Windows Insider Webcast, Microsoft’s Windows 11 development team has confirmed that the current design and animation flow of the start menu and the OS is still not ready. Therefore, it is currently impossible to add the feature to the upcoming Windows version 22H2. The company has shown its concern by implying that if the taskbar is suddenly located on a different side of the computer screen, it would undoubtedly be cumbersome on the other apps. As it built the taskbar from scratch, the company said that they had to pick the features for the addition very wisely and carefully.

Though the current news of unavailability to move the location of the taskbar has upset a large number of consumers, Microsoft has confirmed that the company will make it available in the near future.

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