MediaTek is Ready to Beat Qualcomm With its Newest Flagship Desminsity 9000 Chips


MediaTek has always been known as the second best smartphone chips manufacturer in the world, while the first position was held by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips.

However, this might be changing soon with MediaTek announcing its newest flagship Dimensity 9000 SoC (system-on-chip), which seems like an absolute beast ready to dethrone Qualcomm.

The dimensity 9000 will be the world’s first chip to be built using TSMC’s latest 4 nanometer process, as well as the first ever chip to feature ARM’s new v9 CPU architecture that includes the new Cortex X2 “ultra” performance core, three Cortex-A710 “super” performance cores, paired with four Cortex-A510 efficiency cores, while providing support for LPDDR5x memory with speeds up to 7,500 Mbps.

And this doesn’t stop here as the Dimensity 9000 chip also features the Arm’s newest Mali G710-MC10 GPU, with support for ray tracing via the Vulkan SDK for Android. MediaTek also claims that the new GPU will allow the Dimensity 9000 to easily handle FHD+ screens with a refresh rate of up to a whopping 180Hz.

mediatek dimensity 9000
MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Specifications

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This new architecture also provides support for 18-bit image processing, while giving the chip the ability to capture 4K HDR videos using up to three cameras sensors at the same damn time, or capture still photos using a really massive 320-MP camera sensor which equals to a resolution of a whopping 4,09,600 x 2,30,400 pixels.

Apart from the new CPU design the dimensity 9000 also boasts the latest top of the line connectivity features including support for Bluetooth 5.3 as well as the new the new Wi-Fi 6E standard.

However, the only little caveat being that even though the dimensity 9000 comes with 5G but its modem only supports the slower sub-6GHz 5G, instead of the faster mmWave 5G.

We can’t wait to see how the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 will compare to Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 in real world scenarios; make sure to stay tuned for a one-on-one comparision of both the chips once they get available.

What are your thoughts on MediaTek’s Upcoming Deminsity 9000 chips? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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