Marshall Announces 2 New Bluetooth Earbuds That Resemble Apple’s AirPods


Marshall has announced its two new sets of truly wireless earbuds, Motif A.N.C and Minor lll which look a lot like Apple’s AirPods Pro & the original AirPods, respectively.

The Motif ANC, as the name suggests, features active noise cancellation, with customisable intensity through the Marshall Bluetooth App.

2 col motif anc case edited
Marshall Motif A.N.C

The earbuds come with IPX5-rating and a rugged IPX4-rated charging case which supports quick-wired charging over USB-C with one hour of playback time in just 15 minutes. With wireless Qi charging, you can get an overall playback time of four hours with ANC turned on and six hours with ANC off.

While the Minor lll, the cheaper variant of the Motif ANC, doesn’t come with Active Noise Cancellation, it also doesn’t have any kind of IP rating. But they feature a 2x larger driver at 12mm, unlike the Motif ANC which comes with 6mm drivers with slightly wider frequency response.

2 col minor iii case edited 1
Marshall Minor lll

Regarding battery life, it provides a longer playback time of seven hours than the latter, as it does not feature any kind of noise cancellation.

The Motif ANC looks like a rugged version of Apple’s AirPods Pro with a slightly lower price point at $199 (approx. Rs 14,770) while the Minor lll is priced at $129 (approx. Rs 9,600). At the moment, we don’t know if they will ever be released in India or not.

What do you think about the Motif A.N.C & Minor lll earbuds and would you buy one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below. 

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