The New MacOS Monterey Update is Reportedly Killing Older Macs


Apple is finally rolling out its latest macOS Monterey update to MacBooks and iMacs since last week. However, the rollout has been bumpy, with many users on social media complaining that the new macOS Monterey update has been reported killing their older MacBooks and iMacs.

According to reports by MacRumors, there are at least ten separate posts posted on the Apple Support Community forum, with users complaining that after installing the new macOS Monterey update, their Macs went completely black, and they’re unable to turn it on.

All of the user reports posted on the Apple Support Community forum are pointing towards an issue with the older Intel-based MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and ‌iMac‌, while the M1 Apple Silicon-based Mac’s are seemingly having no issue after installing the new macOS Monterey update.

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This isn’t the first time that Mac’s have encountered such an issue, as the older macOS BigSur had a similar problem, which was even more widespread than what we are facing now.

One of the supposed fixes posted by a user on the Apple Support Community forum includes reinstalling the mac OS firmware. However, Apple themselves have still not claimed the issue.

Apple is currently testing macOS 12.1, but that isn’t expected to be released for at least several more weeks. ‌MacOS Monterey‌ is still in its first version, and it’s typically a safe bet to wait until several updates are released before updating your machine to the latest version, just to be on the safer side.

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