MacBook Pro Users Are Experiencing Weird Glitches Due to The Notch

MacBook Pro

Apple revealed their new MacBook Pro 14 & 16-inch earlier this month, which now features a notch on display to accommodate the 1080p webcam while providing thinner bezels.

However, people weren’t amused at the idea of having a notch on their laptop displays. We can now clearly understand their resentment towards the notch. It is apparently causing some weird glitches, rendering a few apps unusable.

According to tech YouTuber Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs, an iStats menu app allows you to monitor your Mac’s performance on the status bar. It is forced to have some of its contents hidden under the notch, which can be accessed by clicking behind the notch.

But on the other hand, upon further inspection, it was discovered that the notch functioned very differently. It blocked the mouse cursor from going under the notch; when he used an older version of DaVinci Resolve, which is still not updated to support the notch.

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While again on the home screen, the cursor can go underneath the notch, which is kind of inconsistent. It looks like Apple has still not figured out a way to deal with apps having many items on the status bar.

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