LG 24MK600 Review – Best 24-Inch IPS Monitor Under Rs 15K?

LG 24MK600M
LG 24MK600 Review

The Korean Tech Giant LG offers a variety of monitors from pocket-friendly to luxurious range, each giving you a bang for your buck. Today, we have an LG 24MK600 a mid-ranger from LG which packs an attractive IPS Display and an impeccable design. But does it have an ace up its sleeve? Let’s Find out.

LG 24MK600 Design and Features

LG 24MK600
LG 24MK600 Design

The LG has opted for a minimalistic approach for the LG 24MK600’s Design with its matte black chassis and bezel-free aesthetics the monitor is a head-turner. The monitor fits in every surrounding or setup, whether you opt it for media consumption or reading at comfort from home or a more chaotic environment of an office.

LG 24MK600

The white finishes and bezel-free display make it a perfect pick for folks looking for a multi-monitor setup at a pocket-friendly range. The build quality for the LG 24MK600 is more than pleasing, as the plastic wrap on it is not too thin, as seen on most budget monitors these days. Although The monitor wobbles slightly, it would take a lot of force to shake the device, so you shouldn’t be concerned about it tipping over.

LG OnScreen Control
LG OnScreen Control

The monitor retains the brand’s OnScreen Control, which allows folks to modify the OSD on the desktop rather than using cumbersome buttons. The LG 24MK600 features the ArcLine stand, which was previously reserved for the brand’s higher-tier offerings Although the arc-shaped base provides excellent stability, it does take up some horizontal space on your desk. However, its main limitation is that it can only offer tilt for adjustments, severely limiting your view angle options.

LG-24MK600 Ports Options

Apart from that, the monitor offers HDMI 1.4 slots and a VGA connector as display input options. Unfortunately, there is no USB Slot or speakers available on this monitor.

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LG 24MK600 Display and Performance

LG 24MK600
LG 24MK600 Display

The LG 24MK600 features a 24-inch FULL HD+ 1920x1080p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 75Hz and 5ms response time. The backlight is limited to 250 cd/m2 and the contrast is set at typical 1000:1.

The LG 24MK600’s 24-inch size and 1080p resolution make it ideal for daily use, whether for work or play. Because the pixel density in monitors like this is well balanced, small objects like text will not require scaling.

The LG 24MK600 covers 97% of the sRGB gamut, but oversaturation in the color primaries reduces accuracy to a pitiful Delta E 3.9. The blues and reds appear overdone, and the color temperature is skewed toward a cooler hue. Gamma is slightly off at 2.1, but this does not add to the IPS panel’s pre-existing limitations, and the max brightness of the monitors sits at 1250:1.

LG 24MK600

The LG 24MK600 is a FreeSync gaming monitor with a functional frequency range of 48 to 75 Hz for buttery-smooth gameplay. This model has not been tested or certified to be G-Sync compatible, so issues such as flickering may occur.


LG 24MK600
LG 24MK600 Wall Mounted

Despite its low price, the LG 24MK600 has an excellent design and clarity, but its default image profile could be improved. Because of the inclusion of FreeSync and the additional refresh headroom on the panel, this product is a good value option for gaming.

When you consider how well-equipped and designed the LG 24MK600 is in comparison to its imaging performance, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies. Budget monitors must sacrifice something in order to meet price targets, and unfortunately, color fidelity suffers in this variant.

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