Lenovo Yoga Tablet with HDMI Support Teased

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro
Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro

Lenovo has been teasing their new Yoga Pad lineup for quite some time now on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Recently two upcoming tablets from Lenovo were teased the Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro and Lenovo Yoga Pad Plus. The Lenovo Yoga Pad will be launched as a flagship device, and Lenovo has made several previews of Yoga Pad Pro in the past.

Yesterday, Lenovo official announced on Weibo that the Yoga Pad Pro will support an HDMI-in input option, which can turn this flagship device into a High-Quality portable display for gaming consoles. The device also features a reinvented stand mechanism. The stand allows users to lift the tablet in a slanting position for more comfortable usage while the device is lying on the desk, the stand can also hang above the stove to watch recipes and Tv shows or listening music while the user is cooking.

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Teaser
Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Teaser

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The teasers also reveal a stylus with 4096 pressure-sensitive levels for the art enthusiast. The device features one USB Type-C port for charging, and possibly a slot for SD Card or Magnetic charging port. According to previous leaks, the Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro will be packed with a Snapdragon 870 chipset, as well as a high-quality screen with 2.5K high resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate, and four symmetrical speakers, which will have outstanding audio and video experience and have a very smooth operation. Lenovo hasn’t specified a release date, but we assume that the Yoga Pad Pro will be available pretty shortly.

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