Lenovo Smart Clock Essential supporting Google assistant launched in India

Lenovo smart clock

Lenovo has launched its latest smart device in India with Google Assistant integrated. Named as the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, offers full voice support with Google Assistant. It is also Lenovo’s first-ever smart device to support the commands in the Hindi language. As we know that Lenovo has previously launched a few smart clocks in India, Hence, this latest smart clock is just the updated and better version of the older ones. The model has some of the very significant features like time, weather, easy-to-read LED display that essentially displays the current time, alarms, it also comes with a built-in speaker as well.

Detailed features of Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has some of the added advantages to the models which lack in the previous ones. You can easily get real-time information at a glance with the easy-to-read LED display, viewing from angle or brightness has been allowed by an ambient light sensor and, Google Assistant is desegregated for hands-free English, as well Hindi commands. This smart clock also features smart alarm suggestions on the basis of sunrise alarms, as well as the next day’s calendar events.

On the top, the smart clock also incorporates a button that can be used to set the alarm clock in addition to voice. As per Lenovo, the clock also comes in handy at night due to the built-in light that works as a torch so that you can walk freely without bumping into things. The clock also comes with a USB port to charge it overnight.

Since the Smart clock comes integrated with Google Assistant, you can very simply and easily control smart home devices. The company says that from over 5,000 brands, users can control 40,000 plus compatible smart home devices. With its 3W speakers, the Lenovo clock can pick up all the questions from almost any corner of the room and reply. The users can also group with other compatible speakers to amplify their experience if the users are not contented with the built-in speakers.

Pricing and Availability of The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential arrives with a price of Rs 4,499. It comes in a single color- Soft Touch Grey. On February 19, 2021 at mid-night, it will go on sale across Lenovo’s official site, and Flipkart. It’ll be available in Lenovo offline retail channels later on.

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