Lenovo Legion Pad: Lenovo Reveals its First Compact Gaming Tablet

Lenovo Legion Pad

Every product released by Lenovo has always had its gaming-focused variant sold under the Legion moniker, be it Lenovo’s Legion series of gaming smartphones or its lineup of gaming laptops, with the only exception being a gaming tablet, however this might be changing soon, thanks to the recently released images of Lenovo’s upcoming Legion series of gaming tablets.

Lenovo China’s head of marketing posted a photo of the tablet’s front a few days ago on Weibo. In contrast, another photo posted by Lenovo’s product director Lin Lin reveals the back of the device with a Legion Logo engraved on it.

The Legion Pad is speculated to feature an 8-inch high refresh rate OLED display panel with thin bezels surrounding it. The tablet seems to have a relatively small display compared to other tablets in the market, as a compact form factor would result in a better gaming experience.

As for the specifications, the tablet is expected to be equipped with the latest high performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or a Snapdragon 888 processor, while the tablet is also told to feature stronger heat dissipation capabilities, which would allow the SoC to provide high-performance output even under sustained workloads.

Apart from the aforementioned spec, we still don’t know about the device’s pricing or when Lenovo will officially reveal it. However, we can expect to hear more about the gaming tablet soon.

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