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Leaks Of ‘iPhone 13 Pro’ Case Shows An Increase In Camera Size

iPhone 13 Pro to have an increase in camera bump size.

Images released by a leaker show the iPhone 12 Pro in a supposed “iPhone 13 Pro” cover, indicating a significant increase in the model’s camera bump size. Multiple camera enhancements are predicted for the “iPhone 13 Pro.” Changes in lens size and stabilisers may necessitate a change in the camera bump.

A well known tipster DuanRui, posted photos of a new iPhone case, this time claiming it to be the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” case. The camera bump size on the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” is substantially less in these photographs.

In any case, the photos suggest that the iPhone 13 Pro will have a significant increase in camera bump size. This could suggest that the present iPhone 12 Pro Max’s low-light performance and stability will be improved.

The photographs presented may not be an accurate representation of the iPhone 13 camera bump. Case makers are attempting to stay ahead of Apple’s fall release cycle by creating cases based on rumours about device dimensions.

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It’s possible that these examples are based on real dimensions, but there’s no way of knowing until Apple introduces the devices in the fall.

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